Alloy Steel Pipe

Ferropipe offers a wide-range of Alloy Steel pipe. Alloy steel pipe are most commonly referred as Chrome Moly Steel pipe. These pipe are alloyed with a variety of elements including chrome, molybdenum and vanadium between 1.00% – 0.50%.

Further Alloy Steel pipe are divided as follows:

Apart from chrome molybdenum and vanadium, carbon elements like cobalt, nickel, niobium, titanium, tungsten, & zirconium can be added to attain respective alloying effect. These elements are added due to individual elemental benefits. Elements with a lower percentage i.e. less that 5% are added to increase the strength and harden ability and in larger % to achieve special properties like corrosion resistance, high temperature sustainability, high yield and impact results. In the field of piping industry, every steel pipe is an alloy pipe, may it be carbon alloy pipe or chrome moly alloy steel pipe, but not all steel pipe are called as alloy steel pipe. In general, a pipe is referred as an alloy steel pipe when content of Manganese – 1.65%, Silicon – 0.6% & copper 0.6 % exceeds the limit prescribed.

Heat treatment

Alloy Steel pipe are heat treated to achieve mechanical properties as per the desired alloying element. Below are some of the types of heat treatment.

  • Normalize Quench and Tempering
  • Quench and Tempering
  • Normalizing & Hardening

Ferropipe is a stockiest and supplier of Alloy steel pipe from Mumbai, India. With a size range of ½–24- in seamless pipe and ½–72-, we provide length variations from 4-7 meters as single random length and 7-13 meters as double random lengths. With black varnished finish and plain or beveled ends we provide cut to length pipe are per client-s requirements.