Astm Specification Pipe And Tube

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS has developed this specification to decide the manufacturing process and testing standards of these carbon steel and alloy steel pipe.

Ferropipe currently stocks a range of New ASTM Specification Steel pipe that is manufactured by internationally quality assured pipe mills.. We are largest ASTM specification Pipe Supplier, which are used in generator plants, refineries, compressor stations, natural gas transmission, and steam conduction. It is acceptable for welding, flanging, and bending.

Our ASTM Specification pipe and tube are locally sourced, developed and produced which means our customers are assured of the highest quality standards and a local, concerned customer service presence invested in the success of your project We manufacture our tubular products at several Indian based facilities that produce high-quality tubular products with low-residuals in a wide range of strength levels with superior toughness.

If your company requires drilling, production or line pipe, then Ferropipe is your best choice. pipe are available in industry-standard lengths and diameters, or can be cut-to-length or custom fabricator per your company-s specification.