Ibr Approved Pipe & Tube

We at ferropipe supply IBR Approved pipe from ½-NB to 20-NB.With Stock of around 3000 Tons of ready Stock of IBR Approved Seamless Pipe we can fulfill any requirement at the minimum Delivery Schedule. All are material is been supplied with Form IIID in Original.

As the Pipe are IBR Approved, our pipe can withstand higher pressure, higher temperature, higher mechanical stress & corrosive atmosphere and find wide applications in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Power, Automotive, Bearing, Mechanical & Structural applications.

From last 2 years we are highest lifter of IBR pipe of Jindal SAW Ltd and Indian Seamless Metal tube Limited.Ferropipe follows Latest revision of the Indian Boiler Regulations Code during the implementation of the Project.

The scope of the piping & equipment falls under the purview of IBR which identified, preliminarily, from the P & I Diagram In general, IBR Code is applicable but not limited to: Piping & Equipment where Steam Pressure is 3.5 Kg/CmA2 g & above. Piping transporting Steam from source to destination. Piping transporting Condensate from Equipment to Condensate recovery system. Any equipment where steam is produced viz. Reactors, Exchangers, Convection Coils, etc.

Any equipment where steam is consumed, except Steam Turbine & other machinery. Pipe, transporting steam, of 10 inches & above.

We procure Pipe from well-known Maker i.e. ISMT, JSL, MSL with IBR Form III in Original. On receipt of the material, the same is offered for Inspection to the local IBR Inspector. We Provide Line wise material identification report For piping used for transportation of team BFW Condensate Line wise Hydro Test Report is been prepared & stamped & signed by the IBR Inspector.