Precision Tube

Precision Tubes are premium products manufactured by us. These tube have advanced physical & mechanical properties and also have clearly defined inner & outer diameters.

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) tube: These tube are formed by rolling steel coils and welding along the length of the tube. We manufacture ERW precision steel tube from mild and carbon steel alloys that conform to various industrial standards as desired by our customers from transportation, power and general engineering sectors.

Drawn over Mandrel (DOM) / Cold Drawn Electric Welded (CEW) tube: The CEW/DOM tube are manufactured using draw bench or patented pilgering process. Some of the factors that have contributed for making our Precision tube renowned in the world are listed below:

  • Presence of two manufacturing facilities in Pune that are well geared to meet all customer requirements
  • Manufactures top quality tube that meet customers- requirements exactly, whether in size or other specifications
  • Provides diversified products catering to each and every need of the industry, including tube for propeller shafts, cam shafts, rocker arm shafts, stabilizer bars etc.
  • Constant innovations in both technology as well as product development
  • Implements a perfect blend of technology and management, which ensure that its products are ranked top quality throughout the world
  • Maintains excellent customer relationship and has multiple customers